TIQUE’s Open Market Consultation

Before launching its call for tenders next year, TIQUE is embarking on an Open Market Consultation, starting October 2021. Successful procurement requires involving technology companies and consortia at the earliest possible stage. The Open Market Consultation (OMC) aims both to communicate and to explore.
•To communicate our plans to organisations out there developing ideas that can contribute to realising our vision.
•And to explore compatible technologies, so that we can mould our vision to reflect and harness the actual technological power offered by the market.

The OMC consists of an in-depth dialogue and provides an overview on the procurement objectives, the PCP process and the main clauses of contracts. Any company interested in TIQUE is invited to join the Open Market Consultation’s activities: Events, Questionnaire, Matchmaking and Q&As


Save the date for TIQUE’s OMC Events!

  • Oct 7
    OMC Event
  • Oct 14
    OMC Event
  • Oct 28
    OMC Event
  • Nov 4
    OMC Event

TIQUE invites all potential bidders

to attend any of the OMC Events to learn the about Project and the PCP process in depth directly from the 3 procurers.

  • Detailed information is available to download
  • Access to specific Q&As related to TIQUE’S Open market consultation
  • Help TIQUE by filling in this Questionnaire
  • Make your company visible with the matchmaking tool!


What is TIQUE’s PCP about?

TIQUE proposes to generate a flexible and scalable value-based model of care, giving a holistic approach to treatments for patients with advanced heart failure. The model is designed from a vision of integrated care where patients' care needs are anticipated taking into account their expressed wills, thereby optimizing the quality of care and the use of clinical resources. In this model, community and informal carers are foreseen as actors in patient treatment and follow-up.

This model of care is extensive in its use of technology, using:

  • disruptive solutions at home or in the normal environment of patients,
  • data driven interventions,
  • user friendly interfaces, and 
  • interoperable and effective communication tools among carers to effectively integrate care and cure services.
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How could TIQUE’s PCP impact the industry and its policy makers?

Grounded in a combination of (1) technology, (2) integrated care and (3) a value-based model, TIQUE will push for a paradigm shift:

1.- TIQUE’s solutions aim to remove barriers in market development, such as barriers for services to integrate new technologies (devices and apps) available, because these are not connected, but are tipically standalone, isolated or disease specific...

2.- TIQUE is a predictive, preventive, personalised and participative integrated care model for advanced heart failure that delivers holistic care management engaging community resources..

3.- TIQUE is a value-based model on which business prototypes with a long-term vision can be built.

The three pillars are designed to warrant an innovative solution sustainable in the long-term.

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Are there any algorithms ready for the early detection of alarming symptoms in patients, or do these also need to be developed?

One of the challenges of the project is to create holistic, and responsive technology solutions for early detection of exacerbations in patients’ conditions to avoid emergencies and hospital stays. TIQUE’s procurers encourage the market to propose innovative approaches to tackle this challenge.

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We are in the UK (Brexit). Will we still be able to participate?

Participation in the tendering process is open on equal terms to all types of operators from any country, regardless of their geographic location, size or governance structure. However, there is a requirement relating to the place where R&D services take place. At least 50% of the total value of activities covered by the framework agreement must be carried out in the EU Member States or H2020 associated countries. The principal R&D staff working on the PCP must be located in the EU Member States or H2020 associated countries.

In the case of the UK, scientists, researchers and businesses can continue to participate in Horizon 2020 as if the UK remained a member state for all H2020 projects (here).

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Can you please specify the type of assistance/support that the technical supporting organizations will be providing?

AQuAS, TICSalut, ASSUTA MC, JERA and VALDE support the procurers in TIQUE’s PCP challenge definition and in the different phases of the PCP process, revising the documents and templates. Hospital de Sant Pau is the lead procurer and in charge of the e-tender platform and of the OMC process, with support from all partners.

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How can people participate in the TIQUE PCP tender?

You are invited to participate in the preparation of the tender document and in the OMC process launched in September 2021.

You can send us your proposals for participating in the OMC following this link to our website:


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If I do not participate in the Open Market Consultation events or questionnaire, can I still submit a tender?

Yes, you can. The Open Market Consultation is not part of the selection or pre-qualification process of TIQUE’s PCP R&D providers. It is a previous step to canvass wide stakeholder opinion on the suitability of TIQUE’s PCP. Submitted questionnaires help procurers fine-tune the final requirements according to the market. So, whilst not compulsory, they  are much appreciated and highly advisable for suppliers.

With the market consultation, the consortium will inform the market about TIQUE’s PCP opportunities, explain in detail the PCP process and open a dialogue with potential suppliers and other specialists in the field about the scope of TIQUE with the aim of preparing an accurate future procurement.

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How can I be sure that I receive all the information that the procurers are providing to other companies?

The EU Guidance for PCP tender documents on how to prepare a Prior Information Notice for an Open Market Consultation clearly states that also during an Open Market Consultation, procurers should respect the equal treatment and transparency principles. In particular: “Procurers cannot, during an Open Market Consultations (including during face-to-face meetings, provide information to one potential tenderer without providing that same information to all other potential tenderers. Procurers should therefore publish all answers that they provided to questions from potential tenderers during the Open Market Consultation (e.g. in the form of a Q&A list). Please note that such Q&A should be anonymised (not mentioning the name of the tenderer who asked the question) and stripped of any references to confidential solutions/products of specific vendors (to respect the confidentiality/equal treatment principles)”.

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Can bilateral meetings be held during the Open Market Consultation?

Once the deadline for submitting unsolicited offers has been reached, the buyer’s group will compile the proposals submitted, as well as the other information gathered during the consultation and the pre-OMC informative events. If it is deemed necessary, it may request those who participated in the OMC to clarify some points. In addition, it reserves the right to convene individual participants individually to make a more detailed presentation or to expand information on their proposal.

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When is the expected date for the publication of the call for tenders?

We will be launching TIQUE’s PCP request for tenders June 2022.

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